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Providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem.

Geeks of Kolachi is an enthusiastic tech startup dedicated to merging feasibility and efficiency in the form of Web, Mobile and Blockchain Applications. With a customer-centric focus and business literate managers, Geeks of Kolachi is committed to delivering complete, end-to-end enterprise solutions tailored to our diverse clientele and always seek to establish and maintain joint efforts with other leading industry participants. Geeks Of Kolachi looks forward to give you a professional and swift actualization to your dream solutions.


Mobile Applications

The robust mobility and serene User Experience of mobile apps is the future. However mobile apps are not something easy to develop and maintain, that’s where we come in with our determined developers helming skills like React Native, Flutter and Ionic.


Web Applications

In our times, web presence is considered the greatest means of customer reach and in order to provide your ideas this platform with great aesthetics and efficient user experience, we specialize in the backbones of modern web apps with Javascript frameworks(and libraries) like Angular.js, Vue.js and React.js.



A scalable data storage model is a driving factor when it comes to expanding businesses. Here at GOK, we deliver state-of-art cloud services with Docker, Kubernetes with AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud.


An Uber-like barber application but for haircuts. Trim-IT is a tech-enabled startup to help you get a haircut at your doorstep in your desired time slot.